"The advice was very helpful and I can recommend it to everyone."

Managing Director (45), Media


"Very motivating style."

HR Director (43), Mechanical Engineering


"... professionally very well-founded and personally super.

fair placement - the name says it all."

Managing Director (55), Professional Association


"You've really made a difference."

Human Resources Manager (49), Energy


"Clemens Kemmer, with his linguistic confidence, has helped me to successfully communicate my professional achievements and abilities to the outside world without exaggerating in a blatant manner. 80% invitations to interviews speak for themselves".

Head of Business Intelligence (45), Financial Services


"It was a good investment. I haven't regretted for a second."

Head of IT Service (43), Chemicals


"I could really use everything! And it was fun - we laughed a lot. Last: it made me successful! Thank you."

Senior HR Business Partner (51), Tobacco


"I'm very happy with the advice."

CFO (54), Lighting


"A very efficient and effective consultancy that delivers results quickly."

Product Manager (41), Diagnostica


"Our coaching session really opened my eyes. Since then I have changed my life and especially my thinking very much. Thanks to this help I now have a very focused view on the things that really matter, which gives me a certain serenity, satisfaction and also sovereignty that I did not have before."

Account Director (40), Consumer Goods


"Remarkable and individual consulting concept that reveals a very high level of craftsmanship."

Head of Sales and Marketing (41), Luxury Foods

At the end of each consultation I ask my clients for feedback:


of the Consultant



of Consulting



of Consulting


Would you recommend the consulting to others?

Why is the effectiveness value lower than the others? Many clients book the compact consulting programs. They end before our goal, the best available job, is achieved. Considering this, more than 90 percent approval is a good result. But please judge for yourself.