Fair Dismissal of Executives and Specialists

If you want to end employment with decency, then my outplacement consulting fulfills your social responsibility as an employer.


Promoting Employer Image and Working Climate

Those affected and their environment assess the separation situation more positively if concrete help is provided for the future by outplacement.

The colleagues will also carefully observe how the company conducts itself when parting ways with an employee. This crew will be remaining and you want to work on future success with them.


Reduce Risk of Court Cases

People to whom a new path is shown will negotiate with you.

People who see no opportunities will take you to court after being dismissed.


Change of Perspective

You can solve a problem by looking at it from a different angle. Outplacement turns the affected person's view from the separation situation to the opportunities offered by career reorientation. There is no more constructive conflict resolution in the separation process.